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Peripheries of Greece (HELLAS)


Epirus, West Macedonia, Central Macedonia, East Macedonia And Thrace, West Greece, Thessaly, Central Greece, Attica, Peloponesse, Ionian Islands,      North Aegean, South Aegean, Crete

Come on, Come on,  have you been to Greece, So you know what the earth, the sky, the music and love is. Are you ready?

People, Tradition, Hospitality

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter 

Near to the east, In a part of Ancient Greece, In a Ancient land called Macedonia was born a son to Philip of Macedonia. The legend his name was Alexander. At the age of nineteen he became the Macedonia king..........Alexander the Great , His name Struck fear into hearts men. Alexander the Great became a legend's amongst mortal men.                       REF song "Alexander The Great: Iron Maiden, 1986"

Greece (HELLAS) all over the world.


in U.S.A 3.000.000 - in Australia 700.000

in Germany 350.000 - in Canada 350.000

in U.K 220.000 - in Russia 120.000



Ref  BBC "In the footsteps of Alexander" (HELLAS-Edessa-Vergina) " Without any doubt Macedonia is Hellenic. It can not be a former or a next Republic Name of any Slavian Nation in Balkans as 1990's Yugoslavia splitting  result "


Hellas,  Macedonia,  Vergina,  Alexander               Andronikos M. Archaeologist.


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